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Controleur Swave W ensotech




Swave-W Sensored Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) makes technology essential to your modern mini R/C car.

Compare with the Swave-E & E2, Swave-W benefit with more substantial power output but surprisingly small size, the aluminum metal case gives better heating dissipation also better protection against certified sensored motors.  Ideally to use on microscale 1:27 / 1:28 RWD and AWD touring car with aggressive driving style, drifting, open and stock class race championship.

The Swave-W has been also successfully tested on 1/24 scale buggies. With its small footprint which allows it to be installed in almost any application, the Swave-W is the perfect solution for your micro buggies. It's efficient power output and response time enables you to precisely control the buggy in the air.

Enjoy the best value versus performance ratio, size, weight, technology as well as other advantages.


"Blinky-mode" provides a fair racing environment between racers.  (Shows that all timing advance switched to zero) 
Stunning size and weight
Easy-to-use programming
Firmware update available
Programmed by Android system, via Ensotech - UARTLINK-II (optional) (Product Code: UARTLK-II)
Programmed by Android system via (optional) wireless Bluetooth adaptor "EnsoBlueth" (December 2018), a fully functional connection to change settings, update firmware and show telemetry.
Professional set of customized parameters for the difficult race track 
ESC protection in case of one or two Hall sensor wire break
Automatic recognition of Hall sensor’s position even when wire connections are swapped
Settings configurations export and import. (You can save and load configuration or share out) 
Aluminum body for better heating dissipation



* Dimensions (mm): 25.1(L)*13.2(W)*7.86(H)
* Weight: 4.4g
* Supply Voltage:  2s LiPo / 2s LiOn 
* Const./Brust Current (A):  20/30A (under 90 degree Celsius)
* Sensor input:  1 (5 pins)
* Programming input:  1
* Receive input: 1
* Support motor type (Sensored): Slotless 15mm Brushless DC up to 8000kv
* Support motor type (Sensorless): Slotless 15mm/16mm Brushless DC
* BEC Output: 1.5A (max.)


Package Included:
1* Swave-E2 ESC
1* Receiver Cable (JST)
1* Receiver Cable (JR)
1* Motor Sensor Cable (product code: CABLE06)

Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le jeudi 09 novembre, 2017.
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